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If you're looking for a stylish coat that offers outstanding warmth, supple softness, and an unparalleled breathable comfort, check out our selection of fine shearling coats. Shearling offers a number of unique characteristics that no other textile can provide - it provides the best attributes of both leather and fur, together in one natural material.

Like leather and suede, shearling is fur that is either leathered or sueded leaving the wool or rather hair, intact. Most shearling garments are made from either sheepskin or lambskin, which provides a naturally soft, wooly insulation, and is thinner and more pliable than cowhide. The fleece remains attached to the leather, allowing unique looks to each garment. At ML Furs, we select only the highest-quality shearling available to ensure that every garment we offer looks fabulous and delivers outstanding performance in all types of weather.

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Products contain only real fur either ranch raised, or from a country who governs the standards of sustainable fur products, and are labeled to show country of origin. Fur is a natural product; color and length can vary amongst garments. Prices online do not reflect prices in store, and may vary due to market fluctuation.
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