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Fur Repairs, alterations, monograms, & Refurbishing

ML Furs is reputed throughout the Denver Metro Area as the only dependable source for quality fur garment repair. We have an in-house staff of skilled furriers that flawlessly carry out the most simple or complicated repairs and alterations.

Fur apparel repair services include but are not limited to:

• Monograms or Monogram Make-Overs
• Moving or replacing all closures
• Closing open seams
• Replacing collars, cuffs, and tuxedos
• Shortening or lengthening sleeves or hemlines

As soon as you notice signs of wear, fur apparel repair should be scheduled immediately to prevent damage from accelerating. We will work with you to develop the best solution for restoring your fur to its original state of perfection.

ML Furs begins each repair with a thorough inspection by a master furrier to identify any rips, tears, and rub marks. When a torn lining is detected, we will open and reinforce it with such precision that the fur garment repair will not be visible from the outside. In cases of extreme wear that has left a bare spot, ML Furs will replace the area with a matching piece of fur to make the garment good as new.

We believe that every woman should have a fur wardrobe that fits her personality and her body to a T. Beyond standard fur repairs, our knowledgeable furriers can adjust the shape of a jacket or coat with well-crafted alterations. Services range from slight fit adjustments in the waist to shortening or lengthening the sleeves or hemlines. If you find yourself ignoring a perfectly good fur coat because the hip is too tight or the arms are too loose, bring it in to ML Furs. With decades of experience and a close eye on current fashions, we love fitting a garment perfectly to your style and needs.

Please contact us at 1-877-MLF-FURS (1-877-653-3877) for a free estimate.
Products contain only real fur either ranch raised, or from a country who governs the standards of sustainable fur products, and are labeled to show country of origin. Fur is a natural product; color and length can vary amongst garments. Prices online do not reflect prices in store, and may vary due to market fluctuation.
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