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Newland from Italy is taking the world by storm with its fashion forward collection of Italian Sportswear. They have put a lot of research and development into their high tech fabrics made by DHtech. They use a polypropylene microfiber that allows for thermoregulation, thermal insulation, lightness and breathability in any weather condition. It is also hypoallergenic and bacterial-static and they are made in Italy. For those of you more interested in the fashionable side of Newland, they might just be the Lululemon of Baselayers. Newland features a men’s and women’s collection of tops and bottoms as well as zip tops, hoodies, and leggings and backpacks. All come in bright colors with fun alpine patterns.

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Products contain only real fur either ranch raised, or from a country who governs the standards of sustainable fur products, and are labeled to show country of origin. Fur is a natural product; color and length can vary amongst garments. Prices online do not reflect prices in store, and may vary due to market fluctuation.
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