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Fur Cleaning Is Essential for Protecting Quality Garments

Fur glazing restores moisture and shine to coats and jackets

Fur cleaning and glazing is an essential practice for protecting the natural luster and supple texture of your fur garments. All furs need to be professionally cleaned and glazed each year, not only to preserve the garment’s exterior, but also the leather underside and interior lining. Combined with annual fur storage, properly cleaned and glazed furs will sustain impeccable condition during the span of the garment’s life.

Your fur may not show signs of dirt on the outside but the inside is begging to be pampered! Over time, tiny particles become trapped in the oils near the leather base of each fiber. If not removed on an annual basis, this buildup can cause hairs to stick together in an unattractive matted appearance.

ML Furs uses a time-tested deep cleansing method that is safe for even your most delicate furs. Using a natural corn based substance and mild cleaning agent; our expert furriers gently remove dirt and excess oil from your coat, jacket, vest, or fur-lined garment to revive its original beauty.

In addition to cleaning, your garments should be conditioned. Fur glazing is imperative, especially in dry climates such as Colorado, as it restores the natural moisture and lustrous glow of your piece. The leather underside of your fur pelt must also be moisturized each year to prevent cracking and drying. Once you experience the natural silky touch restored in your garments, fur glazing will become a regular habit in your annual fur maintenance.

After our professional fur cleaning and glazing services, customers flaunt their furs with the same pride as the day they bought them. The unsurpassed softness and lustrous glow of your fur garment will continue to bring you joy season after season.

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Our fur cleaning process


Before and after cleaning

Coat cleaning: Before

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Products contain only real fur either ranch raised, or from a country who governs the standards of sustainable fur products, and are labeled to show country of origin. Fur is a natural product; color and length can vary amongst garments. Prices online do not reflect prices in store, and may vary due to market fluctuation.
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