Tired Of Your Old Fur? Trade it in!

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Finding the right fur to fit your personality may seem extraordinarily difficult. You may have spent hours, days, or even weeks trying to find the perfect mink jacket to wear. Unfortunately, personalities (and wardrobes) tend to change. What do you do with your beautiful furs when you find that you’re no longer wearing them anymore?

For many, this is a chance to move on to something new, a fur that better embodies your new look. At the same time, your old furs may be collecting dust in the back of your closet, or, worse yet, in storage waiting to be worn again.

Even if you no longer love the look of your old fur, doesn’t mean that it has to sit in storage, put that money towards something you will wear, in a current, modern style.. There is a way to have your cake and eat it too, by getting a brand new fur for a great price, and clearing out some of the clutter in your closet.

ML Furs makes it easy for you to do this. We take your gently used furs, in good condition including: jackets, vests, coats, and let you trade them in for credit that is good towards the purchase of a new garment from our store.

This is an excellent option if you’ve had your eye on a specific piece, like a beautiful Zandra Rhodes Matara Plucked Mink Hooded Mid-Length Fur Coat, but just are not wearing the fur coats in your closet for various reasons.. Now you can empty out your closet and receive a generous discount for your beautiful new coat.

We will take in your fur and professionally assess it, giving you a fair price for trade-in your beautiful fur. Why not treat yourself to something new and will fit in well with the rest of your wardrobe? Send in your fur today and get a great deal on your next purchase!

Fur Gloves Are A Great Choice For Formal Wear, Or Are They?

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If you have a pair of fur gloves in your closet already, or if you’ve just lusted after them for years, you’ve likely heard the common misconception that they can only be worn to formal occasions. Fur is often worn to formal occasions when the temperature drops, but that doesn’t mean that wearing fur to formal events is a rule that has to be followed at all times.

When you look at fur gloves, there are three options that you traditionally have, and one isn’t even a glove at all!

Fur Muffs – If you’re looking for formalwear, this is the best choice. A fur muff looks great, feels great, and is the perfect choice for a formal event, like an awards dinner. You will want to look your best, and these beautiful muffs will keep your hands warm while you do it!

Fur Mittens – Luxe and luscious describe fur mittens. While they are far more versatile than a fur muff, they are still a bold and beautiful choice. From football games to holiday parties, fur mittens may be the are a great stylish choice to keep your hands warm.You may not want to wear these to the most casual event, but if you are planning on heading out to a cocktail party or other semi-formal event, this can still be a great choice.

Fur Gloves – These often come with a base of leather and are trimmed with fur, for a beautiful combination that you won’t want to put down. Are you looking for seeming that you could wear to seemingly any event, from formal to casual? This is the choice for you.

Where do you lie when looking at fur gloves? Are you a big fan of the fur muff, or are you partial to mittens or gloves instead? All of them are beautiful choices, and we stock the best representations of these furs on our online store.

Don’t Let Damaged Furs Ruin Your Day

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There is something to be said for buying the best. You get a beautiful item that you can wear over and over again, and it’s something that you never get tired of. Aside from that, your beautiful clothing and shoes can wear well over time, looking better and better with each passing year, assuming that you take care of them.

You may have a fur or a pair of UGGs that you’ve had forever, but which may have seen better days. This is a common occurrence, and something that we see far too often at ML Furs. Fortunately there is always something that can be done to refinish your garment and make it look incredible.

Our UGG Repair Warehouse
Our UGG repairs aren’t just repairs, they are total rejuvenations. You can send us any pair of UGGs that you have, and we will go to work on them, cleaning, waterproofing, refurbishing, and repairing your prized boots, shoes, or slippers until they look perfect. When you care for your UGGs properly by sending them to us, we can make sure that they will last for years to come.

How Do You Maintain Your Furs
While you may know that furs need to be properly stored to stay looking great, did you know that they also need to be maintained on an annual basis? If you’ve noticed that your fur is starting to look and feel a little dry, then you need to have the fur properly glazed. This process will help to restore the shine to the exterior of the fur, but it will also condition and moisture the pelts to help the garment last longer and maintain the structure of the fur itself.

These processes are essential to proper maintenance of your fur, and they are easy to do as well. ML Furs has a full storage and repair shop that will take your fur and completely refinish it, returning a beautiful fur that you can wear for years to come. Why let your furs begin to degrade when you can keep them looking stunning with the help of ML Furs.

Bring Your Furs With You When You Hit The Slopes!

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Wearing fur may always be in vogue, but what about those times when you want to wear fur, but don’t want to risk the wear and tear that comes along with it? Going skiing is the perfect example. There is nothing more exhilarating than flying down the side of a mountain in a beautiful fur jacket, but even the smallest fall has the potential to cause irreparable damage. What’s the fur lover to do?

ML Furs can save you from a dreary day on the slopes with our line of beautiful ski jackets that have been lined and trimmed with fur. If you are looking for something to keep you warm, even in the most difficult conditions, you can try on a hooded ski jacket. The technical fabric will keep the moisture away from the lining, and the exterior trims show up in locations that look great, but that won’t have too many run-ins with the snow (we hope!)

Fur and fabric are a great team when it comes to ski jackets, and while you may be adverse to bright dyed furs, you will be able to wear a beautiful, colorful ski jacket while still keeping yourself covered in luxurious fur.

Are you looking for a sultry winter look to wear after the lifts have closed? You can choose to bring the fur out in larger numbers by pairing an après-ski jacket with beautiful fur mittens and a fur hat. This will complete your winter look and will be sure to turn heads when you walk into the room.

Looking to complete your winter look before you head out on the slopes? Why not bring a complete collection of furs with you? You’ll keep yourself covered from head to toe, both on and off the mountain.

Embrace the Lavish Luxury of Finn Raccoon

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Whether your impressive fur collection has been expanding for years, or you’re in the market to purchase your very first fur piece, you will love the fur widely used by designers. The addition of Finn Raccoon to fur coats or fur scarves, brings in even more to the gorgeous aesthetic of fur pieces. Finn Raccoon is Saga regulated and exclusive. Saga Furs is an auction house that specializes in fox, Finn Raccoon fur coats, accessories and mink products that are marketed globally. Saga Furs unites different facts of the fashion industry by connecting and partnering with fashion houses and manufacturers of clothing to fur breeders and suppliers, they are constantly at the center of it all. The elite Finn Raccoon fur features longer hair and characteristic markings, the natural shades offer wild, yet refined looks. This fur type looks stunning when dyed in a multitude of colors, because it retains the markings and textures that set it apart from many other types of fur. If you choose a garment or accessory that features Finn Raccoon touches, you are guaranteed to love it for many years to come and turn heads wherever you go.

M. Miller Red 'Astrid' Thinsulate™ Coat with Finn Raccoon Fur Hood | ML Furs

Finn Raccoon touches and trimming are a great way to instantly add a lot of luxury and glamour to any piece. The beautiful fur is held in high regard in the industry and achieves an aesthetic that is unique and timelessly sophisticated. For a coat that will certainly make a statement, choose the Red ‘Astrid’ Thinsulate Coat with Finn Raccoon Fur Hood. Chic and sophisticated meets polished and high function technology when describing this M. Miller coat. This beauty features a detachable Finn Raccoon trimmed hood for convenience and functionality. You can wear this coat almost anywhere.

Cassin Collections Finn Raccoon and White Rabbit Tunic Fur Vest | ML Furs

For something even more luxurious, fur lovers adore gorgeous and stylish vests. Fur vests can dress up almost any look no matter where you are going. Add a Finn Raccoon fur vest to your wardrobe for ultimate luxury and unparalleled comfort. The beautiful Cassin Collections Finn Raccoon and White Rabbit Tunic Fur Vest will be the perfect addition to any fur lover’s closet. This fun and fluffy tunic vest by Sherry Cassin is a combination of bleached Finn Raccoon, dyed white sheared rabbit and complete with raccoon trim. It has a cute peter pan collar with hook and eye closures and a nice silk blend lining for extra comfort. Adding this glamorous fur vest to your favorite long sleeve little black dress, textured stockings, and high-heeled knee high boots will most certainly get you noticed no matter what the occasion. For an ultra glamorous look, add a pop of red lipstick and gold hoop earrings.

Dress up Your Home with Fur Throws and Home Décor

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Welcome luxurious fur into your humble abode with the addition of glamorous home décor from ML Furs. Embellishing your personal space with fur throws and rugs you love and appreciate is a great way to characterize and incorporate your thumbprint into the design of your home. Your collection of fur doesn’t have to be limited to garments and accessories. Now you can enjoy the level of sophistication that your fur coats and fur shrugs bring to your wardrobe, in your décor around your home! With ML Furs collection of lavish throws, pillows and rugs, fur fans can now add luxury, sophistication and warmth to any home with just a touch of fur. These elements can harmonize any space providing an alluring beauty and unrivaled texture. Fur décor doesn’t stop there; it can also add a cozy, chic and comfortable touch to any atmosphere, turning the living space from an urban loft into a mountain cabin. Whether you’re looking to add a cozy contrast to your glamorous and linear pieces, or prefer to add even more warmth to your space, fur throws, pillows and rugs are the ideal additions to any home!

Natural Russian Sable Plate Fur Throw | ML Furs

The versatility and unparalleled aesthetic of a fur throw will quickly become the focal point of any living space the second you welcome the stunning piece into your home. Drape a throw on top of your bed or favorite couch within your home or cabin for an addition that serves as a design element as well as an option for optimum cuddling. You will love a luxurious throw like the Natural Russian Sable Fur Throw. Indulge in this truly luxurious natural Russian sable plate. You and your guests will love how amazing this beautiful throw looks and feels. It truly makes an exceptional addition to any home or cabin. Treat yourself or someone you love with the sumptuous feel of fur this winter. Russian Sable Fur is the most lavish of all furs. The fur itself is extremely lightweight and very soft and silky in texture. Russian sables are the densest and silkiest also possessing silver tipped guard hairs. Sables are extremely exclusive, as exclusive as they are is as beautiful as they are.

Natural Golden Island Shadow Fox Fur Throw | ML Furs

For a lighter colored throw, opt for the glamorous look of the Natural Golden Island Shadow Fox Fur Throw. This stunning piece will be the perfect addition to a deep brown leather couch or dark wood furniture and accents. Sought after for its long distinctive hair and color variation, fox remains one of the most fashionable types of furs which requires regular cleaning and care to keep the fur fluffy as well as keeping the skins soft and supple. Add this natural multi golden island shadow fox fur throw to any room by laying it over the back of a sofa, at the foot of the bed, or casually draping it over a hassock near a fireplace. This accessory is not only beautiful, but it is also functional for any living space.

Reap the Luxurious Benefits of Rabbit Fur

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For a luxurious and always stylish fur piece that can resemble just about any other type of fur, rabbit fur is the glamorous chameleon of the fur world. Rabbit fur coats and accessories like fur scarves and fur gloves are the perfect entry into becoming a collector. Since rabbit fur can be easily dyed, sheared, knitted, or sculpted to create a unique look resembling more expensive furs, rabbit fur scarves and other accessories might be the perfect way to start building a soon-to-be extensive collection of furs. Even fur lovers who haven’t added a piece to their prized collection in years, will make a great choice with versatile and beautiful rabbit fur garments and accessories. Rex is the most lavish of all the rabbit garments. Rex rabbit fur, developed in France nearly one hundred years ago, is distinct in that it has no prominent guard hair resulting in a silkier, denser fur that resembles chinchilla or sheared mink.

Black Rex Rabbit Knitted Fur Hat | ML Furs

Choose from rabbit fur accessories like gloves, scarves, hats, and even more timelessly elegant pieces when looking for fur pieces to either start or expand your glamorous fur collection. The silky and dense fur is a stunning pick that will add glamor and luxury to all of your outfits from a casual day out to the black tie gala of the year. When it comes to rabbit fur, accessories go along way! Rabbit fur hats are a gorgeous way to stay warm and add luxury to your look. You’re sure to love the black Rex Rabbit Knitted Fur Hat. This chic dyed black rex rabbit knitted fur hat makes any winter ensemble. Its stretchy knit fabric is comfortable and fits most! For an added touch of style, this hat features a fox trimmed fleurette that won’t go unnoticed. Extensive fur collectors can definitely advise those who are just starting out, to make sure to take care of their precious fur garments. If you add the Rex Rabbit Knitted Fur Hat to your wardrobe, make sure to look to the many services ML Furs provides to maintain your fur pieces. Fur cleaning and glazing is an essential practice for protecting the natural luster and supple texture of your fur garments. Keep in mind that all furs need to be professionally cleaned and glazed each year, not only to preserve the garment’s exterior, but also the leather underside.

ML Furs will help you keep your dense and beautiful rex rabbit fur pieces in the best possible condition.

Choose Coyote Fur for a Signature Look

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Fur fans and collectors have a keen appreciation for the timeless elegance of fur accessories and fur coats for women. No matter which type of fur you choose to wear, you can rest assured knowing that with elegant and alluring pieces from fur gloves to fur coats for women, you will always be glamorous and fashionable no matter what fleeting trends are popular at the moment. ML Furs is a furrier that offers the web’s most extensive collection of fur choices, from stunning chinchilla to luxurious coyote. If you’re looking for the signature appearance of coyote fur, look no further than ML Furs. Offering highlights of color throughout the beautiful, luxurious fur, coyote fur will add glamor to any look no matter what occasion awaits you. The color of this gorgeous fur varies from grayish-brown to yellowish-gray or an off-white, depending on geographic origin. Coyote fur is beautiful and resilient, and generally more affordable than many other types of fur. You will love how this fur makes a soft, lovely trim on collars and cuffs. The density of coyote fur makes it a natural choice for hats, coats, and throws for the home.

Pologeorgis Coyote Fur Scarf | ML Furs

Fur accessories like wraps and scarves are an extremely luxurious way to embellish any look. Adding a touch of fur to simple outfits like leggings, riding boots, and wool sweaters, will give your steeze a relaxed, yet glamorous weekend look. Fur shawls and wraps are the perfect way to add even more style to your black tie looks for an evening out. Take a note from everyone’s favorite city girl and fashion icon, Carrie Bradshaw and add a wrap or a shawl to a super feminine full skirt or dress for an evening out. Avid fur collectors, those who haven’t purchased a fur piece in years, and those interested in just beginning their fur collection, will all love to add a beautiful coyote fur scarf to their wardrobe. The Pologeorgis Coyote Straight Fur Scarf from ML Furs is a gorgeous choice that can accompany any of your outfits from everyday casual to black tie chic. Staying warm and stylish with this natural coyote patchwork straight scarf is not hard to do. The lining consists of a gorgeous pale gold silk blend. Pair this stunning scarf against bold colors like Pantone’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid or a vibrant blue to bring out the bold hues even more. No matter how you choose to style your Coyote Straight Fur Scarf, this piece is sure to become one of your favorite ways to accessorize.

Embrace the Beauty of Beaver Fur

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When looking to buy fur coats, not only are stylish shoppers in search of comfort and warmth, but they are also looking for a glamorous aesthetic that will make a luxurious statement. For fashionistas who are shopping for a fur piece that offers unbeatable warmth and durability, beaver fur in its natural or sheared form is the way to go! In addition to feeling great and staying warm, beaver fur pieces will take any ordinary outfit from simple to striking the moment you put them on. Whether you choose beaver fur shawls, or fur coats, your look will definitely turn heads wherever you go. Beaver fur can be either longhaired or sheared. Natural, longhaired beaver has long, semi—course guard hairs with a unique sheen and exceptionally thick, soft underfur. Sheared beaver fur, often dyed in playful and fashionable colors, is velvety soft to the touch, having been shorn down to the plush underfur. Whether you are a fur collector who wants to continue expanding your cherished collection or a first time buyer looking for a fur piece that will start your collection off right, beaver fur from ML Furs is a fashionable pick that will reflect your refined taste and style while making sure you stay warm under any conditions.

Zuki Lavender Garden Beaver Fur Mid Length Coat | ML Furs

Fur collectors and fans are very fashion conscientious, to say the least. Since those who wear fur always achieve a sophisticated and glamorous look no matter what, they can count on their fur pieces to be classic symbols of style that can be paired with anything from day to night. Beaver fur coats definitely uphold the fashion standard. The addition of beaver fur coats and accessories can instantly take any look from Plain Jane to red carpet ready. In current fashion, beaver is sheared to a soft velvety texture making it more alluring, modern, and lightweight while still warm. Beaver is extremely durable, and many fur manufacturers and fur designers dye the skins into a rainbow of colors for modern day wear. Beaver pieces are often trimmed with fox and lynx to create some spectacular looks. If you’re fur collection could use a splash of color, or you’re looking to pick a vibrant first piece to start your collection, a stylish beaver fur coat with bright hues is the way to go. Pick Zuki’s ‘Lavender Garden’ Sheared Beaver Fur Mid-Length Coat from ML Furs for the perfect pop of color that can dress up any outfit. The dyed onyx sheared beaver mind length fur coat features Zuki’s signature intarsia with a color myriad of flowers, butterflies, and ladybugs throughout the garment along with Swarovski crystal insets and button closures. or make an evening out even more special by topping off your favorite little black dress with this gorgeous sheared beaver fur coat.

Add Luxury to Your Look with Fox Fur

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Choose Fox Fur Coats and Accessories from ML Furs

When choosing fur, why not opt for the most fashionable fur out there? With luxurious and stylish fox fur that is always popular, you can do no wrong. Fox fur has been worn throughout history in countless ways. Fur collectors are passionate about their array of sophisticated furs because fur pieces can be worn with just about anything from day to night. You will love the practicality and glamorous look of ML Fur’s collection of fox fur coats and fox trimmed garments and accessories like fur hats and shawls. Fur collectors, first time fur buyers, and those who haven’t purchased a fur in years, all seem to love the glamorous and extremely popular fox fur trimmed garments. From a day out on the town with friends to the black tie event of the year, sophisticated, chic and elegant fur coats can accompany you and take your look to the next level. The collection of fox fur coats and accessories at ML Furs will make you look red carpet ready as soon as you put them on, no matter what event awaits your glamorous arrival.

Whether you have many furs, a few furs you love, or are purchasing your very first coat, a fox fur trimmed garment will become one of your go-to pieces. Fox fur can bring glamor and flair to just about anything you decide to wear, whether you are headed to run errands around town on a chilly day, or you’re preparing for an exciting night out. From jeans to evening gowns, you can count on your fox fur pieces to make heads turn. Really make a statement by choosing the Mary McFadden Red Patchwork Fox Fur Vest. This stunning fox fur vest is anything but ordinary. The retro look really gives this piece a unique aesthetic that will be perfect for casual days or those slightly more sartorial evenings. Add a pop of a deep red lip and a smoky eye to really bring your retro and glamorous look to life.

Mary McFadden Red Patchwork Fox Fur Vest

The incredibly soft feel and stunning look of fox fur can remain just as beautiful as the day you purchased it with the proper storage, care and maintenance. When it comes to caring for your fur pieces, the help of a full service furrier like ML furs will help take care of your prized coats and accessories. ML Furs not only sells new garments, but also they do alteration on new garments, restyling on existing garments, repairs, cleaning glazing and storage.